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AlternativeLifeforms is a website created and maintained by Brian Dodd as a place to invent, imagine, and explore various programming ideas. In particular, my ultimate goal is to create lifelike critters and environments that will entertain and delight.

These ideas are expressed primarily via my WiggleEngine - a 3D engine written in C++ and configuired to run in a web browser using WebGl. The primary technological goal of this engine is the rapid generation of dynamically created meshes.

The WiggleEngine grew out of work that I did with Jeffrey Ventrella and his company, Wiggle Planet. His delightful works have inspired me to raise my game and explore ideas that otherwise may have never made it past the theoretical stage.

The AlternativeLifeforms 'Workbench' is a tool for demonstrating and verifying the low level capabilities of the WiggleEngine.