Peck Peck's Garden
Jeffrey Ventrella design and coding
Julia Smith audio tech, design
Ken Pearce design help
Bardia Aghabeigi tech advice
Melinda Green tech advice
Brian Dodd game engine & port

Peck Peck's Garden is an original game designed by Jeffrey Ventrella and released as an iOS and Android app by Wiggle Planet in 2013.

This version has been recreated from scratch to be, as much as possible, a faithful recreation of the original - now running on the web via the cross-platform 'WiggleEngine' developed by Brian Dodd and AlternativeLifeForms. This engine is inspired by concepts from the original Wiggle Planet code base. In particular the 'creature' code that powers Peck Peck's behavior and appearance is directly attributable to Jeffrey Ventrella, as well as the logic and design of the game itself.

Many thanks to Jeffrey Ventrella and Julia Smith for their input and help.